Guidelines of Using MagneticTherapy

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Guidelines of Using Magnetic Therapy

Are you thinking to use Magnetic Therapy Accessories to improve your health condition? This is a natural method which can carry away pain, restores energy, greatly enhances one’s sleep, etc. So far, this therapy proves as safe, effective and simple. Below is given a list is the guidelines of using magnetic therapy.

1. Don’t ever use a strong magnet to reduce your headache. Because it can increase your headache rather than decreasing and can harm to your endocrine hormonal system.

2. Magnetic or energy bracelets can not remove cancer or inflammatory problems. Because of the exhilarating effect of the south pole cancer affected person’s condition can be worse than ever.

3.Pregnant person must not use magnet treatment. If anyone supposed to be pregnant and using magnetic products, she must cease all magnetic products. As magnetic fields responsible for cell growth, so it may cause for the unnatural growth in the fetus.

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4. At the time of having chemotherapy or radiotherapy magnetic treatment must be avoided. Sometimes it has an opposite reaction against the chemotherapy or radiotherapy as it stimulates the growth of cells.

5. For a cardiac pacemaker or a defibrillator, magnetic therapy is prohibited. Also, if anyone has an epilepsy, those patients have also been advised not to use magnets for their treatment.

6. If anyone is having magnetic for their treatment and CAT scan or any magnetic tests, he should remove the magnets from his body as Magnets can come in conflict with the readings on some electronic test equipments applied to the doctor's offices or hospitals.

7. If you are experiencing undetermined pain first consult with a physician rather that started using magnets to remove pain. It is always advisable that, consult with a physician first and then as the requirement of the physician take Magnetic Hamatite Jwellery.

8. If anyone put magnetic products in front or beside of the computer, credit cards, audio and video tapes there might be a chance of losing your data.