Multiplying and dividing decimals

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Multiplying decimals in the real world

Besides mulitiplying decimals in school mulitiplying decimals is in the real world.Like when you go to the grocery store and you buy two paper towels bags for 2.78.Your are mulitiplying 2.78x2.When you are going for ounces to pounds you mulitiplying the ounces by a certain number to get to pounds.One other way to mulitiply decimals is when yo go to a restaurant and you order three of the same meal you mulitiply whatever the cost is by three.

Dividing decimals in the real world

You can also divided decimals in the real world.Example going from pounds to ounces you divide pounds by a number to get back to ounces.Or splitting a check at a restaurant.Most jobs have dividing decimals in them.