The Battle of Britain

July 1940, Germany Attacks Britain on their own soil!!

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Operation Sealion

Germany wanted to destroy the British Navy, but they could not get close unless they took out their Air Force first so that their ships would not get bombed as they sailed across the English Channel.

On July 10, the German air force, or Luftwaffe, made their first attack on British ships in the English Channel. However, Britain had new radar equipment and could see the German planes coming. Britain sent 4 squadrons of fighter planes to drive them off!

The battle had begun...

A Long Hot Summer

Day after Day the clear blue skies over the coast and countryside of southeast England were the scene of desperate battles between German and British planes.

German air bombers were escorted through the sky by very fast German fighters called Masserschmitt 109s. British fighters were called the Hurricanes and Spitfires! Dangerous names eh?

The British planes weren't as fast as the Luftwaffe, but they could turn faster and therefore get out of the way of fire faster!

World War 2 Air War Combat Footage in Color
WWII Battle Of Britain - R.A.F. vs Luftwaffe - Spitfire.Bf109.Ju87.Hurricane.Bf110.He111.Do17

British Advantage!! Cheerio Mate!

The British had a great advantage on their side for the battles... They used new, Land-to-Air radio to talk back and forth and warn the ships and planes where the German fighters were. Germany did not have this technology and therefore had a bad disadvantage.
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Biggest Attack Yet!

Fighting raged all day long and the British became anxious about the low supply of pilots and fighter planes.

On September 7th, the Germans switched their bombing to London. Dun Dun DAAAAA!

Ernie Pyle quote.

"They came just after dark, and somehow you could sense from the quick, bitter firing of the guns that there was to be no monkey business this night.

Shortly after the sirens wailed you could hear the Germans grinding overhead. In my room, with its black curtains drawn across the windows, you could feel the shake from the guns. You could hear the boom, crump, crump, crump, of heavy bombs at their work of tearing buildings apart. They were not too far away."

London Blitz Begins (1940)

The Final Battle

On Sept. 15th, a large battle took place with the Luftwaffe and the RAF using all of their planes fought through the day. At the end, the Germans lost more planes than the British and the battle was over... From then the Germans started to make sneak attacks on British cities, destroying as much as they could and putting fear into every day life.

The Battle of Britain marked the limits of German expansion in the West and showed the world that they could be beaten and stopped!

Battle of Britain - Finale
Battle of Britain - Pilot's view
HITLER'S EAGLES: Fighters of the German Luftwaffe (720p)