Mission Trip to Ecuador - 7/27-8/6

By our baptism we are called to be Missionaries

Why consider going on a Mission Trip?

To serve others is one of the greatest things a person can do. God calls us to love our neighbors, and by freely giving our time and talents to the less fortunate you can grow with him in faith and gain many graces.

Mission Trip to Ecuador

Monday, July 27th, 12am to Thursday, Aug. 6th, 2am


Service during this trip may include but is not limited to working in soup kitchens, bringing food baskets to the poor, cleaning up parishes, and spending time with some of the local handicapped men, women and children.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Who will we go and what is the cost?

This trip is coordinated by the Sisters of the Home of the Mother who have three different houses in Ecuador. These three houses to which we will travel and stay in are located in Guayaquil, Chone and Playa Prieta.

This Mission Trip is NOT sponsored by Bishop Kenny High School or the Diocese of Saint Augustine.

The estimated cost of the mission experience is $850.00 ( this includes air far, food, money, and living expenses while in Ecuador.)

For more information contact Christina Cunningham - cunninghamcm15@bishopkennyhs.org
or the Sisters of the Home of the Mother at: jaxshm@homeofthemother.org