Junior Pilot Flash

Aug. 2017 ~ Franklin Township Middle School East

Edited by: Tyler Bowman

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WhoDunnit: The Missing Keys by Cherlynn Spicer

The teachers and staff were going ballistic. The students were laughing… Why? you might ask. Well, the one thing you need to access the school, to open classrooms, to help kids with jammed lockers was missing... And yes, I mean the master key set.

The keys were there a second ago... Right before the blackout! That’s how they took them!

But, why would someone want to take the keys? With the keys you could go anywhere in the school, but why? Maybe to find something? Is this all just a big prank? Who knows…

Mr. Huotari placed the class on lockdown indefinitely until the key are found. The teacher were going nuts searching every nook and cranny for the keys. But to no avail. The interrogation towards the students was yet to come but was definitely going to happen. Who is the “little rascal” who snatched their keys.

Will the staff at FTMS East find out WhoDunnit?

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JPF Staff

Tyler Bowen - Layout Editor

Ryan Miller - Difference Maker

DeLawrence Patterson - Peer Editor

Cherilynn Spicer - Whodunnit Writer

Tyce Treadway - Snap Flash

Ethan Warner - Promotional Designer

Sara Zink - Survey Creator