By: Kelly Matlock


Sherman Anti-Trust Act

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was an act that prevented and regulated business activity that the government did not see fit, like the combining of companies to make a monopoly. The government would examine the businesses, or trusts, if it was suspected. I am proud that they have an act for this since it gives everyone who wants to make a living in business, a fair chance. My evidence is the document that the act was written on.
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Technological Advancements

Technology took many leaps forward in this time period and gave way to the things we take for granite today. They invented the airplane, automobile, the telephone/graph, new materials to make skyscrapers safer with, etc. I am proud of this because we invented new ways to make life easier. My evidence is a video of the different things that were built in this time period.

The Killing of Buffalo

When railroads were being built, the buffalo were being killed for food but turned into slaughtering them so they would move out of the way. they also killed them so the Indians would have no more food supply and move somewhere else. I am ashamed of this because they killed the buffalo for no reason except to kill a food source for people. My evidence is a picture of buffalo skulls.
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Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese exclusion act prohibited immigration on Chinese laborers to the United States. Chinese Immigrants would be held on angel island for substantially longer times then immigrants who went to Ellis island were. I am ashamed because we talk about how we are the country of the free but yet we keep a race from coming in. My evidence is a political cartoon describing the summary of the act was about.
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Demand for City Services

As more people came into the country, the demand for fire, police, sewage, transportation, etc. increased. It made taxes go up and made people get more jobs to pay for those services and made businesses prosper. I am proud that we accommodated for people and tried to make a change for them. My evidence is a picture of the transportation in the cities
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Country's Diiversity

As immigration got more popular we got people from many different ethnicity's and religions. They gave us many different types of food and a look into a country's life. I am proud because we are made up of many ethnicity's and it means that people decided to accept the immigrants and fall in love with them. My evidence is a picture of a group picture of all the races living in America.
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Political Bosses

As the city's grew bigger and more people came in to them, political bosses rose from them. Political bosses are people who give immigrants a home, food, and jobs, or just giving people favors, in exchange for votes to keep them in power. I am proud and ashamed because the bosses are helping people get started in america but it shows how corrupted our government really was. My evidence is a political cartoon depicting what they did.
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Job Openings

As the city grew the demand for jobs grew as well. Many people who were unemployed, now had jobs but still not a lot of money. I am proud and ashamed because they are expanding and giving people on the streets opportunity but the people who are running them are not giving the people who are working enough money. My evidence is a picture of unemployed people waiting in line for there new job.
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Tenemant Housings

They were cheap and people were packed in with 10 to 15 families. Diseases were spread easily and most of the time it was immigrants in the houses. I am proud and ashamed because it became a way of life for some people and gave people affordable homes but it was inhumane the way people only had one room to themselves and were so close together. My evidence is a picture of a regular layout of a tenement house.
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Child Labor Laws

This act gave businesses guideline as what they give children as a job. It also gave them how long children could work each day and made them safer while working. I am proud that the government gave regulations for children that had to work for money so they could survive. My evidence is a video of why they had to have these laws.

Working Conditions

At this time many jobs did not have any safety protocols. Many people were injured, had missing limbs, or killed because of the working conditions and many people almost quit. they also had bad working hours and were usually beaten. I am ashamed that people had to work like this while trying to provide for their families. My evidence is a picture of the facts of a workers job.
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These were the news reporter but got into the dirt of society. Many people became a muckraker to combat problems in society like the dark secrets of factories, meat producing, women's rights, black rights, etc . I am proud because these people made life for some other people a lot easier and helped get some laws passed. My evidence is a book that a famous muckraker wrote.
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Hawaii as a 50th state

After a group of US Marines overthrew the queen, Stanford d. Dole wanted Hawaii as a state but many in congress opposed. It was not until the Spanish- American war that the US saw Hawaii as a vantage point. I am proud that we accepted Hawaii and made them part of the country. My evidence is a video of the history.

Us Acquires Alaka

At first we thought that Alaska was just another project but it ended up benefiting the US. It came with and abundant source of oil, timber, and minerals.I am proud because we got more supplies keep the population of our country up. My evidence is a picture of the materials that were there.
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Everyone had a great want to expand. They wanted to control more parts of the Atlantic ocean for themselves. I am ashamed because when we expanded we can take the native out their culture and make them have to live differently than they want. My evidence is a cartoon of expanding.
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World War 1

Vote in Senate for War

After the sinking of the Lusitania and the breaking of the Sussex, the united States wanted to start a war against Germany. The senate voted 373 to 50 and America joined the war and sided with the allies. I am proud that the united states took charge after the Germans sunk ships with the american people on it. My evidence is a picture of a news paper with the senate vote on it.
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New Weapons

When the war erupted, America made new and stronger weapons to protect themselves. They were more efficient and some were bigger as well and could do severe amounts of damage. I am proud of america because they made the advancement that helped us today with modern weapons. My evidence is a picture of the new weapons.
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Hating Germans

When We waged war against Germany, people in america started to despise everything German. People would start killing people that were German or anything that had a German origin. I am ashamed and proud because they have a good reason but its still not good enough to kill a person over. My evidence is a poster propaganda depicting how people in America behaved.
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