Gateway College Prep Campus News

October 2022

Campus Information

It's hard to believe we've already completed the first 9 weeks of school...time is flying by! There are so many amazing things happening on our campus, and we want to highlight some of those in this newsletter. Usually this is the time of year where educators hit their "fall wall", but because we have such an incredible staff at Prep, they have done just the opposite! Our staff have been diving deeper into the curriculum, have been engaging students on a more rigorous level, and have been working diligently to help their students find success in all they do! I love the spirit we have on our campus, as it's truly special to witness. Whether it's at sporting events, or in academic achievements, or whether it's seen during dress up theme days/weeks...the spirit of our Gators is AWESOME!

If you were able to attend one (or both) of our Superintendent's Forum sessions, you were able to gain some information related to the most common questions our community wanted to know more about. In addition, we had other questions submitted during each forum session; we are working on those questions, and will share those responses soon. Thank you families, for all of your support!!

Important Announcement

Due to a new phase of construction, the City of Georgetown will be shutting down a section of Westinghouse Rd. this week. We were informed that this "shut down" will take effect around 12pm (noon) on Wednesday. This shut down will still allow our families access to WSP, but if you use our school entrance, your access will be slightly altered. There will be more information sent out about this with a map to show you a rough diagram of what to expect. Please know this is NOT an Orenda nor a Gateway College Prep thing; this is all driven by the City in their effort to continue the work on Westinghouse Rd. Please remember that we will all be in this together, and it will be a learning curve for everyone. That said, please remember to show grace and flexibility as we travel this journey together, as we will do the same. We were told this phase of construction should be completed in about a month. However, we will keep you updated as soon as information is shared with us. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation!

Front Office News

PARKING TAGS: If you have a student driver, please make sure he/she has a parking tag or else they will not be allowed to park on campus. If your child needs to get a tag for his/her vehicle, please have him/her go to the front office this week, as we need all student driver cars identified in our parking lots. In the future, all unidentified vehicles (those without a parking tag) will run the risk of being towed; this is to ensure that all vehicles parked in our parking lots belong to either staff or students at GCPS.

LOST & FOUND: We have quite the collection of lost and found items. Therefore, we will have all lost and found items on our porch area and in front of the K-8 Learning Center during Gator Fest for families to go through and collect their missing items. Any items that do not get picked up will be donated after Gator Fest.

RED RIBBON WEEK: This week will be our Red Ribbon Week. To show our support of being drug free, we will have the following dress up "themed" days:
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Elementary News

We have survived the beginning of school! Thank you for all of your support and dedication to our teachers, students, and school. We appreciate you!

Kindergarten has incorporated mystery readers into their instructional days. We appreciate our readers and the joy they bring to our students.

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Middle School News

We have made it past the first 9 weeks of school. Report card grades will be posted soon. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the community, students, and each other. We have had our first two teachers of the month for August and September. Congratulations to Karina Adams and Elizabeth Bailey. We are thankful to have you both as a part of our team! We have Red Ribbon Week coming up with themes for each day. We also have a dress up day on Halloween. Costumes need to be school appropriate. Please, there should not be any masks covering the head or face, these will be confiscated if seen. Thank you all!

High School News

Thank you so much for your support from home as we wrap up this first nine weeks of school! We have set some consistent routines and procedures that will help us continue to grow together and increase our student achievement. We recognized two high school teachers for teacher of the month. Congratulations to Vatina Robinson (August) and Josh Scarlaria (September)! While we can only recognize two teachers, we are grateful for all of our teachers, their hard work and commitment to build relationships and hold students accountable for their highest level of learning. Many students have utilized Prep time before and after school, contacted teachers and are becoming problem solvers inside and outside the classroom. It’s a joy to be a part of your child’s educational journey!

We have Red Ribbon week coming up, followed by Halloween on Monday. We encourage student participation when themes involve dressing up and/or costumes. Students may wear school appropriate costume to school that are within our dress code (no masks please). Our homecoming Dance (for grades 9-12) is also right around the corner as well. It will be Friday, November 18th, after the basketball game. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

College & Career News

The FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, opens October 1st for students currently in their senior year of high school. Using 2021 tax information, students and parents will complete the FAFSA for their first year of college (2023-2024)

TEA Financial Aid Requirement Link:

Register for AP Exams Due Nov. 11, 2022