Unit 2 Summative Assessment

By: Emily Vachon

Unit 2 Enduring Understanding

Humans migrate, create cultural mosaics, and balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups.

Section 1: Analysis

In the big ideas of this unit, I would say that humans can migrate for many and multiple reasons. There are lots of different reasons and opportunities on why people move and live where they do. People will migrate to be closer to their family. They can also migrate to get away from some bad situations or things happening where they originally were and it was not safe to continue to live there. People also move because they might not like their job. Then they know that if they move to a certain area which is closer to the better job, then they will most definitely move there to live a better and happier life.

Cultural mosaics also have a huge part in society. To get into more depth about cultural mosaics, it is basically a mix of groups, languages and even cultures that are in society. Society has many different social groups that are inside of them. As quoted from mean girls, there are nerds, band geeks, jocks, etc... Cultural mosaics are basically saying like small groups that are apart of something big to make a big picture of it all.

Lastly, humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups because they want everyone to get along. If people don't get along then things will turn out bad and then there will be many rivalries. It will start an uprising if there are people who don't get along just like they should.

Section 2: Application

In the real world, humans migrate for multiple reasons. For a connection to the real world is when people move because of a job or because or other family reasons. When people move for a job, it's probably because of an amazing opportunity that they are offered and to have a better life down there. After they move and get adjusted to their life, then they will see how much better it is and how much more they enjoy it and then they will stay there.

An example of how humans create cultural mosaics in the real world is when you see if you go to a high school lunch period. You see all of the different people that sit together and always hang out together to be able to paint the whole picture of what high school really is. There are many different people who hang out with each other for different reasons but it's mostly because they are good friends and that they just click and get along. That makes high school what it is now.

To connect the way that humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups is when there are two people fighting in two different social group who aren't really friends, and then they start a rivalry and get all of their friends to turn against each other. Power shifts between mostly have a negative effect on things to me, when you say a "power shift," it makes me think that things are changing. Then, when things are changing, it might be for a bad reason and then they are just left the way that they are. It can have a positive impact like if someone got an award or promotion, then things would be changing for the better.

Section 3: Transfer

The way my life is connected to humans migrating is my family and I made a big decision to move down to Florida at the end of my high school years. The main reason is because my family would get a lot more money and they would both own 50% of my dad's best friend's company. They also offered my mom a job so that both of my parents would be working for the same company. So, humans migrate for their benefit or what they want just like my family and I.

My life is also similar to a cultural mosaic and I can relate to it because I am also am in a social group just like everyone else. When I go to lunch, I go and look for all of my friends who are all sitting together. Then, when I look around, I see that there are all of these kids who look similar by the way they dress and act from having similar personalities. That's why they're friends. That is what makes our school the way it is, by having different unique people and personalities to make Pinkerton Academy a whole.

The way that I can connect when humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups is when I am playing in a softball game and my friend is on the other team. During the game, we both get very into it and start yelling at each other and going at each other. Then, when I am fighting with one of my other friends on the other team, she gets all of her friends to go after me and to try and get me. But then I do the same thing to her with all of my friends to her as well. At the end of the game, her and I are still friends and we are all good.

Bullets and Ballots:

The social group that I was apart of in the game of bullets and ballots was the army and wealthy. We had a lot more MSU's and a lot more control of things than all of the other groups did. Our group was very cocky and full of themselves because they thought that since they had everything and they had more than everyone else, that they had nothing to worry about. My group would often get offered treaties and MSU's and turn them down because they felt that what they offered wasn't enough and that they wanted more. Some power shifts between groups would be when some of the groups had teamed up to try and dominate the Army and Wealthy with everything that they have. They did that because they did not like the army and wealthy and they felt that if they dominated them, then everything would be made fair and easily distributed. The only group that was trying to be dominated was the Army and Wealthy because we weren't treating everyone else right. The power shifted and there became conflicts and cooperation when everyone decided to put it all in and to try and take down the Army and Wealthy. Most of the social groups, such as the guerrillas, peasants, etc, came together and cooperated to take us down. Then all of the conflicts started since everyone turned their backs and broke treaties with us so then we became mad at all of the other social groups for turning on us.