Asian Indian people in Minnesota

Why are they migrating here?

Push and Pull Factors

Push: They don't have as much opportunities in India than we have here. They might not like the overcrowded cities. They might have immediate family living in Minnesota who came here for a job or schooling.

Pull: More high tech jobs. College and graduate school.

Ravenstien's Laws of Migration

Does-Most migrants are adults from age 20-34. Most international migrants are male. Migrants traveling long distances usually settle in urban areas.

Doesn't-Most migration occurs in steps. Most migration Is rural to urban. Most migrants travel only short distances.

Where do these people live in Minnesota?

Where Do These People Live in Minnesota and What Do They Do for Jobs?

Most Live near the cities

They live throughout the twin cities metropolitan area as well as Rochester, with a scattered few in greater Minnesota.

Most of them come to Minnesota because of our high tech industries.

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