Environmental Study Project


other culture’s have different holidays and other things like. food traditions and stuff like that in orlando. Florida there Festival’s like the anime and film Festival’s there is also one more the anime festival is a 3 day anime convention. we also have the film festival which is very. popular in florida and there is also the florida music festival it was founded in 2002 and is very popular in orlando florida.

Natural disasters

Well florida is home to many. Natural Disasters such as hurricanes tropical storms tornados and floods they often affect residents or visitors . they also can kill people like hurricanes tornadoes and tropical storms . they also destroy buildings house’s knock down trees and destroy cars. many people was in hurricanes or tornadoes and they basically destroy everything.

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The average temperature is anywhere from 49 Degrees fahrenheit to 91 degrees fahrenheit.

all the rain is good for farmers for their crops but not if you were at. School because if you have to walk home in the rain its annoying and if you were working at somewhere and it starts to rain and you don't have an umbrella you have to go out in the rain and get wet ‘


Well the things i like about what i wrote and what about florida are the teachers schools neighbors and stuff like that. nature is a big part of earth it makes up the seasons the climates the weather and things like that. the weather like tornados are also a big part of destruction they knock over buildings trees house’s and things like that. The wildlife is not to bad if you don't go into a forest there are alligators panthers bears and stuff like that. and i love the sport’s team and the i like how many there are they have nfl mlb wnba nhl afl mls and stuff like that.


they are good sport teams and people cheer them on at games and such as you. would cheer on college football or basketball some people are nice and others are not so nice. the teachers are smart in florida and they push you so you could be the best that you can be. But the people that work in stores are pretty nice to some neighbors are nice some are not.


This is an alligator from florida they live in ponds if you live in florida you might see an. alligator or two. there might be an alligator they are basically home to florida they are a reptile and. they mostly live in ponds and only come out if somebody is taunting him or her.Or if there is no food they have to go to a new pond because they are passive aggressive what that .Means is if you mess with them they are gonna attack but when you leave them alone they will not attack.