Joe Lanzone

In 12th grade at Glynn Academy

My name is not actually "Mary"

Here's a picture of me with the PI at the Lab at Emory (I eventually got a coat with my name on it, but until then I used one with the name Mary patched on it).

This picture was taken of me in the summer of 2012 when I first met the man who eventually offered me a summer internship doing research in his lab at Emory University. While taking a class in Neuroscience there, I was offered a tour of his lab, and later invited to attempt a Northern Blot under his supervision. I performed the Northern so well that he was able to publish my results in a following paper and he then offered me an internship the following summer.

I took him up on the offer, and spent the following summer working at the lab at Emory on a project centered around proving the major cause of variation in virulence among various strains of Respiratory Syncitial Virus (during my longer tenure there I was given a coat with my own name on it).

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What are your career aspirations, why are you taking this course, and what are your course expectations?

I'm extremely interested in the field of biology, and hope to one day go into research in the biomedical sciences. Additionally, I worked this summer at a virology lab at Emory University where I was told by numerous grad students and post-docs that one of the most important skills to have in the field is a strong foundation in biochemistry, which I plan to begin to develop by taking this course.

My taste in music, books, and songs is extremely varied.

Although there are many films that I could select for this spot, my favorite is likely Repo Man (the final scene is spectacular). I am also a big fan of the Red vs Blue webseries by Roosterteeth.

My favorite book is likely the Aeneid by Virgil. Although translating it from Latin was quite a pain (I worked with the Latin text for my AP Latin class) it is truly an amazing piece of literature and many of the lessons learned from the story have had a considereable impact on my life.

My taste in music is extremely varied and as a result it's hard for me to pick just one song to call my favorite, but if forced to choose I'd say that it would either be "Float On" by Modest Mouse or "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve.

I also really like Blew My Mind by Dresses, which I've linked below

Dresses - Blew My Mind (Music Video)

I'm more focused on the specific opportunities that many research universities would be able to provide than any specific named school.

I am applying to several colleges and am less concerned with the college itself than the opportunities that they will provide for the undergraduates to participate in meaningful


Additionally, I'm a bit of an artist.

I don't have all of my pictures together of my computer, but here are two that I have digital copies of:

My favorite subject (so far) has been AP Chemistry.

It's the only AP Science class that I've taken so far and I helped to form it at my school which I'm very proud of.

And I have taken one other GAVS course.

During my sophomore year I took AP Computer Science online through Georgia Virtual School (I made a 95).

Here's a picture that the PI of the lab at Emory took of me one day while I was passaging a set of HeLa Cells

This was last summer while I was working on my own project at the lab.

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