L33T Index Job Newsletter

By Matthew Sheppard

Spink and Son Limited

69 Southampton Row

+44 (0)20 7563 4000

IT Assistant:

The job requires that you have experience with windows server 2008. By already having this experience you would be able to provide a service straight away and it also means that you wont require as much training compared to someone who has never used it allowing you to get straight into the job role. Windows server 2008 is quite a specialized Operating system that many have never used, this is why it is important to state it in the job advert.

The job also requires you to have good written and editing skills. Literature skills are important across all different job roles but are even more important as an IT assistant to ensure you are able to communicate well with fellow staff through various different forms of communication such as emailing, face to face contact and also phone calls. Editing skills are important as an IT assistant as you will be using various different creative applications such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

For this job role you have to have a good eye for detail as you will be working with computers on a daily basis and especially when your working on computers you have got to have a good eye for detail as there is a small margin for error, when building a computer it only takes a small mistake to totally damage the PC. You also need a good eye for detail when sending emails and/or writing letters to make sure there are no mistakes and all the information is 100% accurate.

Audio Network

Unit 7-9 The Washington Centre, 112-116 Broadway,

Salford, M50 2UW


IT Support Engineer:

For this job role you need to have experience with Microsoft office support. by already having the experience with supporting this application, it will ensure that you can jump strait into your job role and start supporting/assisting other members of staff in your job. It is also good to have experience supporting this application as it is a very common word processing application used world wide, so knowing the insides out of the application will be a great benefit.

You need to be able to understand different types of software and hardware for this job role, this is very important in IT. The reason you need to understand different hardware and software is because as a support Engineer your job is to help people with their machines and also take care of the server, without properly understanding hardware and software you wont be able to become an Engineer. They are looking for someone with not just a little knowledge but a lot of knowledge as they want to spend less time teaching you and more time getting you strait into that job role.

As an Engineer you have to have good problem solving skills, the reason this is important as an engineer is because if you come across a problem you have not experience before then you need to be able to solve it effectively which is good because you are constantly learning new skills. You also need good motivation, because sometime your job can become repetitive as an engineer, for example, you may be given 10 computers to build which can get really repetitive but you need to motivate yourself to do them efficiently and at a high standard. You need both the skills to become a good and successful engineer.