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This Week: 27 Ways to Morph into a 21st Century Teacher

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27 Ways to Morph into a 21st Century Teacher

You may have noticed these 27 ideas decorating the wall outside of my office. Mia MacMeekin has created tons of great infographics. This particular list is from her March 2013 archives.

What a great reminder that not all 21st century learning involves computers; it's more about transforming the entire classroom experience!

  1. FOCUS: Focus on the student's point of view. Are you saying what they are hearing?
  2. RE-THINK: Re-think how the student interprets your lesson.
  3. DIALOGUE: Dialogue with your students.
  4. QUESTION: Let students question what they are learning.
  5. REAL-LIFE: Make it real-life relevant.
  6. CONTRIBUTE: Let students contribute to their learning.
  7. FACILITATE: Facilitate learning as opposed to giving knowledge.
  8. PHOTOGRAPH: Have students photograph the world around them.
  9. MAKE: Have students make time-lapse videos for later reflection.
  10. PARTICIPATE: Participate in conference calls around the world with your class.
  11. USE: Let students use their cellphones.
  12. CREATE: Have students create movie trailers for introduction to the lesson.
  13. BE: Be just as tech savvy as your students.
  14. DESIGN: Have students design and create websites.
  15. INVOLVE: Get students involved with the community.
  16. DISCERN: Teach students how to discern what is good information and what is not.
  17. INCORPORATE: Incorporate seeing things from a different perspective.
  18. QUESTION (x2): Encourage and entertain all questions.
  19. FLIP: Flip the classroom with useful resources.
  20. DOCUMENT: Document the learning for your reflection and the students' reflection.
  21. RELATE: Learn new ways to relate to your students.
  22. INTEGRATE: Integrate theatrics into your classroom. Invest in the character you are teaching about.
  23. COLLABORATE: Collaborate with teachers from outside your circle.
  24. DESIGN: Design alternative assessments that use the whole brain.
  25. SOCIAL MEDIA: Be social.
  26. WEB 2.0: Learn, explore, integrate, utilize.
  27. CODE: Allow time for coding. Discover how coding relates to your subject area & teach your students.

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