The Best Sport Ever

My view on swimming...

Swimming. In my eyes it's the best sport in the world. When you step on to the block, everyone else in the world just vanishes. All my problems in life, they are just gone. When you hear the announcer say take your mark, your adrenaline starts to pump. And then the beeper goes off and you dive in. At that moment in time, all the hard work, extra hours in the pool, two hour practices, it all pays off. Because when you swim, it's only you, the water, and the clock. And the clock won't lie to you about your time, tell you did good, when really you could of pushed yourself harder. Your coach isn't going to hive-five when you did bad. But when you do good in a race, hearing your coach tell you, "You did amazing." It means more to you then anyone else could tell you. So swimming is more than just another sport to me. The pool is more than just another lap lane to me. My coaches are more than just coaches to me. My team is more than just a team to me. It is my second life, second home, my other parents and my second family.

The strokes... (Breaststroke)

Breaststroke: this stroke is my second favorite stroke. In breast you pull your arms out and pull them to the side then push them up forward. The kick is kinda hard to explain you bring your legs up to your chest then pull them around, and they push you forward. Jessie has pretty much re-taught me breaststroke this year. It the slowest stroke out of the four.

The strokes... (Butterfly)

Butterfly, to most people (minus Madelyn) is the devils stroke. In this stroke you bring your arms up over your hear, then push them down past your stomach, and make your feet do a constant dolphin kick. This stroke sucks. Majorly. Most of the time when we're being bad, or not listening to Dave or Grant (assistant coaches) they make us do 25's of butterfly.

The strokes... (Backstroke)

This is probably my 3rd favorite stroke. All you do is lay of your back while kicking and move your arms up over your hear and keep constantly doing that. If your a backstroker, then during warm ups you have to go to the flags and count your strokes so you know when to do a flipturn so you don't get DQ'd.

The strokes... (Freestyle)

This is my favorite stroke. It is pretty close to the same as backstroke besides you are on your stomach and your arms bend more when your swimming this stroke. This is also the stoke that I went to state in my 200 Free with! So this is many people favorite stroke.
Phelps vs. Lochte (400IM Finals) - 2012 Olympic Swimming Trials

Phelps vs. Lochte

Lochte dominated Phleps in this event, Phelps strong stroke is his butterfly and back, while Lochte's is breast and free, so Phelps was ahead at the beginning of the race with Ryan hot on his trail, but as soon as the hit there 100 breast and 100 free, it was Ryan who took the win.

Next upcoming Olmpics

Friday, Aug. 5th 2016 at 7pm

Rio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio, RJ

At 7 o'clock on August 5-26, 2016, is when the next Summer Olympics are. Make sure to watch, I am very excited to see what Ryan, Missy, and Rebecca will bring to the plate, it is sure to be the event to watch.