Larry Bird Biography

Larry Bird The Key To The NBA Fan Base.

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My biography project is on Larry Bird who was a noted basketball player in the NBA for the Boston Celtics and played from 1979 to 1992.
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Larry Bird's Early Life.

Larry Bird was born to Claude Joseph Bird and Georgia Bird on 12/07/56 in West Baden Springs Indiana.

Events/ Situations That Influenced The Person's Actions.

Larry Bird had grown to be so tall when he tried playing basketball, he found out that he could play a sport that he was good at. He was influenced to play basketball when he had started High School by his basketball coach Jim Jones. Having job at the French Lick Department also was a time that had influenced Larry Bird to play basketball.
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How These Actions Effected Larry Bird's Action.

Larry Bird through out his career won an NBA champion award three times. Larry Bird won the NBA mvp award three times in his career. For twelve seasons, Larry Bird was an NBA all star.
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Why The World Is Different Because Larry Bird Lived.

Larry Bird developed a new generation of basketball into the NBA. With his rival Magic Johnson, he and Larry Bird had become great friends in the future of their careers and had taught others how to play a great game and be a better person. Also, Larry Bird had showed others that through out your rough times, stay strong and things will work out in the end.
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The Main Thing To Understand About Larry Bird.

As great of a basketball player Larry Bird was, Larry Bird showed a lot of great ways to become a better person in life and was a man that people looked up to because he knew how to win and always played fair against his opponents.
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Why I Think Larry Bird Is Important After Learning About Him.

I do think this person was important. I believe that basketball would not be the way it is today if Larry Bird was not a part of the game.
The Ultimate Larry Bird Tribute

What My Question To Larry Bird Would Be If I Could Ask Him.

If there was one thing that you could that you have been dreaming to accomplish since you were able to talk, what would that thing be?
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