Ocean Currents

By:Fatima Martinez

What Causes Ocean Currents? -3 Things I learned-

  1. Not only can ocean currents depend on the wind but Currents may also be generated by density differences in water masses caused by temperature and salinity variations.
  2. when a current that is moving over a broad area is forced into a confined space, it may become very strong.
  3. Ocean currents can be generated by Gravity, earthquakes, water masses caused by temperature, and wind.

2 Questions I still have.

  1. What happens if there are no huge storms, then what will move the water?
  2. What would happen if there weren't Ocean Currents?

1 way the information in the article affects our daily lives

This helps us on our daily bases because ships on the ocean kind of need wind to get to places like to trade and that wouldn't happen without wind, or ocean currents.