First Grade

May 9th - May 13th

This week's spelling words:

long i spelling patterns igh, y, ie

my, try, sky

fly, by, dry

pie, cried

night, light

Bonus words:

across, head, second, ball, heard, should, cried, large

Upcoming Events

This week we will be having a spirit week to help raise money for Riley’s Children Hospital. It will be a $1.00 donation to participate. Below are the days and their theme:
  • Monday - Red for Riley
  • Tuesday - Western Day
  • Wednesday - Pajama Day
  • Thursday - 80's Day
  • Friday - Sports Day

Classroom Reminders

  • Please make sure you have signed and returned the note attached to your child's progress report.
  • First grade seems to have caught a case of Spring Fever. We are trying to remind the students that we do still have a month left of school and all of our work counts towards that final report card. Please have your child make corrections to papers that home, to help us reinforce that school is not yet over. ~ Thank you!
  • The weather has been a bit chilly and unpredictable. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. There have been many cold days and cold kiddos with no coats.


This week in math we will be working on

  • money (counting a collection of coins and making change)
  • divining shapes into equal pieces
  • fractions
  • addition and subtraction
  • fact families

Your child is able to long onto Fast Math from home.

This is a program to help your child learn their math facts.

Check it out by clicking the link below!


Please make sure to ask your child questions after he/she reads. Many students are struggling with this and are unable to move up levels based on comprehension.

Reading without comprehension is just pronouncing words!

In addition, when your child is reading, please give him/her time to try to figure out the word. Do not tell them right away. If they make a mistake, let them read to the end of the sentence, do not stop them right away. Many times they hear that it didn't sound right and will go back and correct it on their own (which is exactly what we want). If they do not, then read the sentence back to them the way they read it and ask them if it sounds right.

Raz Kids is great practice at home because the students

are able to take a quiz after reading each book.

Check out the link below!