Challenges and Success

Mercedes Greim

Just because things get hard doesn't mean for you to give up

People that have helped me

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Dad Patrick

Because i didn't have a picture of my dad i use this my dads name is Patrick and he has helped me a lot when he left me and my mom and brother and sister for 5 years he has been a better person than he was back then. He has helped me through a lot he has helped me be a better person. When i was going through a tough time my dad was always there for me and helped me. He taught me never to give up when things get tough.
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Mom Cherrie

My mom Cherrie has been there for me and she is the best mom in the world she has made my life so great and she has three more kids and she takes care of us and she has been there for me through everything and she is working at Get and Go so we can move out of the house. She has also helped me through a lot. When i was going through a tough time she was always there and she always helped me. Whenever I got in trouble my mom was always teaching me right from wrong and i was always punished when i did wrong.


Thursday, Nov. 6th, 9pm

2610 Shady Ln Dr

Norwalk, IA

This house is where my mom and my grandparents and my brother and sisters live we all live here and Everyone in this house has been through a lot and we all gotten through it.


The plot where everything was really hard is my grandparents house. We have lived there for almost three years now and we have been through a lot in this house. My aunt having cancer and my grandpa having open surgery. My uncle getting in trouble for selling drugs and everything happening with my dad now being there for me. Me being bullied and still get bullied to this day has all happened in this house.

My dads house is were he has changed a lot he has became a better person because of my step mom. My dad didnt want anything to do with me until my step mom told him that he needs to step up and be a man and take care of his kids. Since then my dad has been a great father.

School has also helped me a lot in my life when im in school i feel a lot better because i have all my friends and i have my teachers and they have helped me with a lot of things in my life and everything that has happened and people at my school understand me a lot more than at home.

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