Ms. Harris's Weekly Update

February 1st-5th

Assignments and Assessments

  • Tuesday: SS Test/ Math Quiz on Customary Length Measurement and Lineplots
  • SS Project due Friday
  • Super Bowl Project due Friday
  • Also Friday: Spelling Test
  • Next Wednesday 2/10: Science Quiz on Lesson 5 "The Moon"

Other Information:

  • It's that time of year! Strep and Flu season!! To avoid students getting sick, I am encouraging students to wash hands and use hand sanitizer as much as possible. We could also ALWAYS use more Clorox wipes because I'm having students wipe down desks, tables, and handles daily. We want students at school as much as possible, but if your child is running a fever, please keep them at home and know that we will get them caught up as soon as they are feeling better. Thanks!
  • Due to snow makeup, we DO have school on February 12th.
  • We do NOT have school, however, on February 15th, which is President's Day.
  • I am giving students an opportunity for extra credit in science this unit. They can complete a moon phases calendar (given today) and return it on March 1st for bonus points on their unit test. They can either draw the phases or write the name for each day of the month. I told them they could look outside to see the phase or use a website to see what the phase is each night. Here is a great link: There are many others on the internet they can use too.