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May 8


Kindergarten Registration

Thank you so much to Kerrie Peery and everyone who helped with kindergarten registration. We enjoyed getting to meet some of our new students for next year. What a fun, sweet, and lively group!

Class Lists

Please plan to meet briefly as a grade level with the administrators on Tuesday, May 12th during your planning to review class lists for 15-16. We will meet in the staff development room. Special Area teachers should plan to come from 11:30-12:15 and 12:45-1:30 in order to have time to look at all classes. Feel free to bring your lunch. Special ed teachers should come when it convenient on Tuesday. The lists will be available for feedback until 4:15pm. The first ten people who email Carrie with your favorite summer recipe will get a treat in your mailbox.

Step Up Day

Step Up Day will take place on Thursday, May 21 from 9-10am. We discourage from having any parents in the building during this time. A copy of the directions distributed at this week's faculty meeting will be placed in mailboxes the last week of school.

RBES Goals

Please let Carrie know if you have any questions regarding completing your RBES Goal Results & Conclusions. These are due by May 18 (depending on availability of test results). Please let the administrator who completed your Summative Evaluation know when you are ready for her to sign off on your goals.

Visitor ID Checks

Please help us stay vigilant in protecting the safety of our students during our many end of the year events. ALL visitors for every event must go to the front lobby to sign in and show a picture ID. Thank you for your help with this!

2014-2015 Awards Reminder

As we get close to the end of the year, this is a good time to remind parents and students of our awards. Some have changed since last year, so please make sure you communicate this to your students and parents.

9 Week Awards

Honor Roll (in Grades 2-5 only) = All A’s and B’s in academic subjects. All E’s and / or S’s in special’s classes.

Perfect Attendance = Students must have been present every day during the 9 week grading period.

End of Year Awards

Academic Achievement Award (in Grades 2-5 Only) = All A’s in academic subjects. All E’s and / or S’s in special’s classes for the entire school year (not multiple years).

Perfect Attendance = Students must have been present every day for the entire school year.

Cardinal of the Year (in 5th Grade Only) = Students recognized for outstanding citizenship in each class.



Please let me know if you need any help figuring out what to do with your student's RTI information. Check the checklist and email me with further questions.

Summer School

Letters will be ready to go home Friday. These will be mailed rather than student delivered. You will receive an email indicating an invitation has been sent for your student.

Website of the Week

MATHSEEDS (K-2) is a program that we have a free trial for through June 30. It is like Reading Eggs but covers Math. I have not investigated it, but would LOVE for you as teachers to allow students to access it the next 10 days to see if it is something we might be interested in for the Fall. It is only for K, 1, and 2 grades at this point. It is accessed through the Reading Eggs login.

In order to claim your free trial for your students, you as the teacher, have to follow these directions:

Login to Reading Eggs

Click the Math Seeds tab at the top.

Click Start TRIAL



Now your students will have access to a MATH program similar to Reading Eggs through June 30.

Reading Eggs will be available through mid July.

Please let me know if you use with your students and what your opinion is about the program!


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What's New and Beneficial About Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts can provide you with some special cholesterol-lowering benefits if you will use a steaming method when cooking them. The fiber-related components in Brussels sprouts do a better job of binding together with bile acids in your digestive tract when they've been steamed. When this binding process takes place, it's easier for bile acids to be excreted, and the result is a lowering of your cholesterol levels. Raw Brussels sprouts still have cholesterol-lowering ability — just not as much as steamed Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts may have unique health benefits in the area of DNA protection. A recent study has shown improved stability of DNA inside of our white blood cells after daily consumption of Brussels sprouts in the amount of 1.25 cups. Interestingly, it's the ability of certain compounds in Brussels sprouts to block the activity of sulphotransferase enzymes that researchers believe to be responsible for these DNA-protective benefits.

For total glucosinolate content, Brussels sprouts are now known to top the list of commonly eaten cruciferous vegetables. Their total glucosinolate content has been shown to be greater than the amount found in mustard greens, turnip greens, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, or broccoli. In Germany, Brussels sprouts account for more glucosinolate intake than any other food except broccoli. Glucosinolates are important phytonutrients for our health because they are the chemical starting points for a variety of cancer-protective substances. All cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolates and have great health benefits for this reason. But it's recent research that's made us realize how especially valuable Brussels sprouts are in this regard.

The cancer protection we get from Brussels sprouts is largely related to four specific glucosinolates found in this cruciferous vegetable: glucoraphanin, glucobrassicin, sinigrin, and gluconasturtiian. Research has shown that Brussels sprouts offer these cancer-preventive components in special combination.

Brussels sprouts have been used to determine the potential impact of cruciferous vegetables on thyroid function. In a recent study, 5 ounces of Brussels sprouts were consumed on a daily basis for 4 consecutive weeks by a small group of healthy adults and not found to have an unwanted impact on their thyroid function. Although follow-up studies are needed, this study puts at least one large stamp of approval on Brussels sprouts as a food that can provide fantastic health benefits without putting the thyroid gland at risk.

WHFoods Recommendations

You'll want to include Brussels sprouts as one of the cruciferous vegetables you eat on a regular basis if you want to receive the fantastic health benefits provided by the cruciferous vegetable family. At a minimum, include cruciferous vegetables as part of your diet 2-3 times per week, and make the serving size at least 1-1/2 cups. Even better from a health standpoint, enjoy Brussels sprouts and other vegetables from the cruciferous vegetable group 4-5 times per week and increase your serving size to 2 cups.

It is very important not to overcook Brussels sprouts. Not only do they lose their nutritional value and taste but they will begin to emit the unpleasant sulfur smell associated with overcooked cruciferous vegetables. To help Brussels sprouts cook more quickly and evenly cut each sprout into quarters. Let them sit for at least 5 minutes to bring out the health-promoting qualities and then steam them for 5 minutes. Serve with our Honey Mustard Dressing to add extra tang and flavor to Brussels sprouts.


Robin Nichols - 5/21