Board Report

March: Hillsdale Area Career Center

Student Enrollment Update: 2020-2021

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District Enrollment by Program

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Attendance and Academic BIP

HACC is currently piloting a Behavior Intervention Plan process for attendance and academics. This process provides a means for teachers to refer students in the areas of attendance and academics. The process involves the student, teacher, parents and local school district representation. This communication tool was developed to meet a need identified in the HACC 5 year plan.
1. Pilot: 2019-2020

2. Feedback from teachers

3. Revisions: March 2020

4. Present to Counselors for feedback: April 2020

5. Present to Principals for feedback: April 2020

6. Final draft of process: May 2020

Employability Rubric

Please see attached sample rubric for employability. Teachers at HACC wanted a uniform, consistent way to rate employability. Allegan Area Career Center presented at the annual Career Education Conference regarding how they had to reinvent how they did employability so it became a teaching tool. I have been working with AACC to develop a rubric that fits what HACC needs.

1. Present to staff

2. Feedback: March 2020

3. Modify Rubric to fit Employability skills in HACC handbook: April 2020

4. Adjustments to HACC handbook, if needed: April/May 2020