Forest Ecosystem

Abiotic and Biotic Factors

The abiotic and biotic factors are the living and nonliving organisms in an ecosystem. Some biotic factors are bears, foxes, deer, insects, and birds. Some abiotic factors are trees, rocks, water, and oxygen.


Some locations of deciduous forests are the Eastern half of North America. There are also deciduous forest are also the middle of Europe. South America has two big areas of deciduous forest Southern Chile and the middle coast of Paraguay. There are deciduous trees all across the world.

Forest Climate

The forests climate is largely controlled by how much of the sun's light and heat is absorbed and reflected. By absorbing the sun's heat trees cool the air. The average temperature is 50 degrees F and it rains 30 to 60 inches a year.

How do people use the forests?

People use forests to makes houses and other things. They cut down tree and hunt animals. That is how they make houses. Forests are very helpful to people and it gives animals habitats.