Serenity Birthing

The "Husband-Preferred" Class

Don't have time for a 4, 6 or 12 week class?

We offer a one day class in the privacy of your own home. We custom it to your needs and your schedule. We have found that couples (especially dads!) prefer the one-day intense course. Class runs approximately 4 hours. It includes all your workbooks, a binder full of educational information and discount coupons on all our other services and products.

*If you would rather have the class in our office, that is an option as well*

Cost: $195

Serenity Birthing is a phenomenal program that is unlike any other out there! Our class takes a holistic approach...touching a variety of subjects relating to conception, pregnancy, birth & life thereafter. We share a variety of information in relation to wherever you choose to birth.... be it at hospital, in a birth center or at home.

Our course is not geared solely to the mother. We believe this is a path you are taking as a couple and we strongly believe in making the father feel a part of the entire process. You will both leave the classes with a wealth of knowledge, along with a binder full of statistical/educational information relating to psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being during, pregnancy, birth, postpartum care and breastfeeding. It doesn't matter if this is for 1st pregnancy or your 9th, you will glean new wisdom and gain insights you've never learned before.

Our hope for all who attend is that you leave the class feeling EMPOWERED, INFORMED and at PEACE so that you can make future choices that benefit you, your spouse & your growing family. We hope you always remember that as a woman you own the wisdom inside you and that you can create your BLISSFUL birth.

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