Matthew sellers 6/green

Fresh water food web

There are 7 consumers and 2 producers. The beaver and swan are primary consumers and the fish frog fly and dragonfly are secondary consumers

Impacting the food web. 👆

Three animals that impact the food web above are frogs fish and beaver and fly

FROG:if the frog don't eat the flys the flys will over populate and annoy the other animals

BEAVER:the beaver impacts by eating the fish and frogs if not the fish and frogs will over populate

ALGEA:algae helps cause if not there fish die out and without fish beavers will die and frogs will over populate and then die cause the flys will be gone


Humans impact

Humans have many impacts on enviorments. One is that we use solar energy instead of gas for heating in schools to using it in cars and cleaning trash in the public area