Lilliana Cairns

Reasons not to smoke...

Physical Consequences

  1. Tobacco increases heart rate
  2. Tobacco causes mouth and throat cancer
  3. Tobacco causes lung cancer
  4. Tobacco stains your teeth

Social Consequences

  1. Tobacco causes throat cancer which cause you not to be able to talk.
  2. People who don't like the smell of smoke will stay away from you
  3. Your teeth become yellow
  4. Bad breath

Mental/Emotional Consequences

  1. The nicotine in tobacco cause addictions so you will keep buying more
  2. Must people think smoking makes them look cool.
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Reasons Not To Smoke

People smoke for many reasons, but no reason is good. Smoking does all sorts of bad stuff to your life in many different ways. One way is physically, smoking can stain your teeth, cause lung cancer, yellow fingers, and increases heart rate. Smoking also physically effects you by aging your skin, and causing mouth and throat cancer. Another way smoking can ruin your life is, socially. Throat cancer can lead to not being able to talk, yellow rotten teeth can lead to having no friends, also people who can't stand the smell of smoke can stay away from you. Bad breath, the risk of getting cancer from the smoke, and yellow hands are even more reasons people will stay away from you. Tobacco can also mess you up mentally, one way is getting a addiction to tobacco caused by the nicotine in the tobacco. Tobacco interferes with the flow of information among nerve cells . Some people think it makes them cool, while others might thank it makes them look older than they actually are because smoking wrinkles your skin, and turns your teeth yellow. There are no good side affect of smoking. Don't SMOKE!!!!