Bulbs Can Be Luminating!

Tech Tuesday, April 8th

What is a Bulb?

Bulb is an online webpage building tool that can act like a webpage, portfolio, or even like a presentation tool. It is colorful, cool and simply easy to use. Let's look at it now!

How do we set up a Bulb?

  1. Create an account - http://www.bulbapp.com.
  2. Create a profile - Add in a picture and tell a little about yourself.
  3. Start creating collections ( categories) for your bulb. You can add one at a time or you can add them all at once. Collections can be deleted as well.
  4. Add pages to your collections. You can add text, videos or images. It is easy to rearrange page so you can get the look you want.
  5. Last step is to Publish. You will need to publish each section, page and collection.

**Now it is time to get started. Check out my bulb - http://www.bulbapp.com/lhoff