Nicole Maine

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Nicole's Story..

Born an identical twin with her brother Jones; Nicole was thought to be a boy until her family discovered Children's Hospital Gender Management services and at age 2 and was identified as a female.

The Maine family noticed early on that Nicole struck interest in girly things such as wearing high heels and dressing up

One afternoon Wayne Maine (Nicoles father) received notice that his daughter was not allowed to use the girls bathroom after a boy allegedly followed her in and said "if he's allowed in here I am too" calling his wife in tears thinking how could they do this to our little girl. Nicole felt deprived After being told she was only allowed to use the faculty restrooms. Bullying, a lawsuit and a move to a different town was the result. Parents Wayne and Kelly Maines brought their daughters story into the spotlight in hopes that their story might shed light on the struggle of others.

Nicole : "I've always known I was a girl"

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Despite the horrific beginning for Nicole being bullied teased and even having her rights ripped away under her feet that all seemed worth it when she finally won her case after five years, Nicole and her family fought that the actions taken by the school violated Nicole's rights under the States Human Rights Act. Marking a major victory for transgender rights! The school district was ordered to pay $75,000. Nicole was also honored the spotlight in Glamour magazine being named "Phenomenal Women of the year"

Nicole wrote to Huffington post:

"I'm so glad that all the work that my family and I are doing is yielding positive results and making actual change! I hope that this will lead other youth to speak up in their communities and advocate for themselves and what they believe in."

Plaintiff Nicole Maines' Remarks at GLAD's 2011 Spirit of Justice Award Dinner
Transgender Teen Wins A Long Battle For A Basic Human Right

She's A Hero!

A hero is thought of in many different aspects in the minds of children, adults and teens. A hero is brave and has grit to keep going until reaching a specific goal. Hero's get scared too, but some how find the courage deep down, put aside the fear and get out there not only for themselves but for others as well. A hero isn't just someone who saves you from the fire or catches your fall from a ten story building. That's all superficial, Being a hero is more then skin deep it goes as far as the heart. Nicole is a hero for her bravery and valor to keep going through with her story becoming viral and speaking to the world on camera. She succeeded but will continue in her quest for equality and continues to inspire those like her.

Nicole: "I wouldn't wish my experience on another transgender"


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