3rd Grade Weekly Update

December 14th-18th

Weekly Objectives

Reading- I can identify the structures of poetry.

Writing- I can identify and create examples of various forms of figurative language.

Math-I can use my multiplication fact strategies to solve 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication. I can solve multiplication word problems.

Science-*We will focus on all skills that we have learned from the first semester of school. We will also practice problem solving and teamwork in Science with Stem activities and extensions.

Social Studies- I can identify and describe different celebrations from around the world.


A big piece of 3rd grade math is to master multiplication facts up to X9. This will help them succeed in both 3rd and 4th grade. This is a huge goal, but can easily be achieved with practice at school and at home.

Have your child set a schedule to practice 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes a day for mastery.

They can also focus on a few facts a month to break the goal into chunks. Here is an example schedule:

December: 0, 1, 2, and 3

January: 5 and 10

February: 4 and 6

March: 7 and 8

April: 9

May: All Facts Fluently

Below are some ways to practice at home:

  • Your child can sign on to xtramath.org at home and practice.
  • Old-fashioned flash cards (send your child's teacher an email if you need some)
  • Create chants and rhymes to help memorize (example-https://www.lewispalmer.org/cms/lib/CO01900635/Centricity/Domain/874/MultiplicationRhymes.docx.pdf)
  • Play Multiplication War at-home (directions-https://www.multiplication.com/our-blog/jen-wieber/multiplication-war-card-game-0)
  • Listen to Multiplication Songs (example-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWphMREEQDrjzT4i4YKwkG93UUsM_X3Hp
  • Download Multiplication Fact Apps on I-Pads or Computers and play https://imaginationsoup.net/best-multiplication-apps-kids/

Here is a website that has songs, apps, and hands-on tools for at-home practice as well:


Vocabulary Website to Practice at Home

Click on the green book. We are working on unit 6.




  • Poetry Assessment Part 1 Dec. 14th
  • Poetry Assessment Part 2 Dec. 15th
  • Prefix Quiz Dec. 16th
  • Vocabulary Quiz Unit 6 Dec. 17th

Writing- No Spelling Test this Week!

Math-Practice Multiplication Facts 3x a week for 10 minutes! CONTINUE OVER THE BREAK!

*We will have a mid-unit check in on Tuesday over our Multiplication strategies we have learned. This will be a daily grade, but a good indicator on where we are at in Multiplication.

Science-Science Benchmark on Monday (not a grade, but a goal to see how we are doing as individual Scientists)

Social Studies- None


SCIENCE FAIR IS HERE AGAIN!!! Hooray! We are offering any 3rd -5th grader who is interested (can be in groups of two also) to participate in our school Science Fair. If you are interested in doing Science Fair, please go to this Google Classroom and join. All the information you need will be there for you. Mrs. Lummus is working with all of the students who are participating and you will find her contact information on the page. (even during the Winter Break!) The Science Fair will be on January 8th and the top two or three students (depending on how many enter) will attend the District Fair on January 14th. This is a big deal! The participants of that fair are presented in front of the School Board and get to meet each one of them. CFES has done well in the past! :)

If you choose to participate I need you to fill out the Intent to Participate by December 16th. I need a head count of how many kids to expect.

THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to work with your student and do something Academically FUN!!

GOOGLE CLASSROOM code: npwmusp (go to google classroom, the icon is the chalkboard, and join a class. Put that code in and you should see our classroom.) Say hi so I know you were there! OR click on this link to take you to our classroom:


Checking Grades Online

Please make sure you are checking your child's grades on TAC. If you have any questions or concerns on grades, please email your child's teacher and we will set up a time to discuss. Thank you-3rd Grade Team

Third Grade Holiday Party and Schedule!

We are excited for the holiday season and excited for a special day for our kids. This year will be a mixture of fun and acts of service. Both Face to Face and Virtual Students will have a great day and supplies below are for type of student. Third graders will play bingo, make an ornament that will be shared at a Senior Living home, and enjoy a movie with a treat. Please help us to make this full day of fun great. Please sign up for an item to give and share. Please deposit all items to the 3rd grade party bin at the front of the school by Monday Dec 14th or you can bring items to Amy Auld's home, 2 Gull Rock Pl and there is a bin on the porch. Thank you for all your support. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! - The Third Grade Teachers and Room Moms


Beginning at 8:50- Students will create ornaments for a Senior Living Facility. When done with activities, they will have choices on online Winter Escape Rooms, holiday packets to complete, and other various activities.

10:25-10:40 Extra Recess Time from Fundraiser

11:35-11:50 Holiday Game in Classroom

11:50-12:20 Lunch

Afternoon Activities:





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