By Omirian and Stephanie Mendez Pd.5

New Mysterious Deaths in Transylvannia

Europe is gripping in fear with more deaths occurring at its eastern border. Woman, children, and the elderly have fallen ill with what appears to be a "blood drain", leaving them pale and lifeless. Two distinct holes appear on the victims' necks, indicating a rare animal bite. Transylvanian people are at a loss for the disease but many locals are quick to go to superstitions, claiming the "Drac" in Bram Castle is to blame. Could the heroes quest have failed? Were they truly capable of vanquishing such an ancient evil that has evaded people for centuries?

The Fallen Hero

Quincey Morris was a young American and one of the three suitors of Lucy Westenra. He had a heavy Texan accent and remained friends with Miss Westenra after she rejected his marriage proposal. Mr. Morris also became close friends with the Harkers, having accompanied them on the quest to kill the Count. Sadly, Mr.Morris was struck down by the Count and became one of his many victims.

Van Helsing- How to Kill a Vampire

Professor and self proclaimed hunter of evil has shared some ways to kill and protect onself from a vampire. One of the many ways to kill a vampire is with a stake through the heart, and a subsequent beheading. The monster must be buried in pieces, the head far away from the body.He also shares that garlic, crosses, and sacred wafers are imperative to repel the creatures of the night. This can be seen with the killing of Lucy Westenra and Count Dracula.

Dr. Seward's Patient

Dr.Seward had one patient that sent chills through everyone's spine: Renfield. A true madman, Renfield was fond of collecting "lives", eating flies or feeding them to other species. This startled Dr.Seward but what surprised him most was the patient's connection to Count Dracula. Many are unsure how the connection came about, but Renfield was determined to please his master until he too was struck down by the monster.
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