4th Grade News!

April 7, 2014

Words to remember...

“It always seems impossible until it's done.” ― Nelson Mandela

What are we learning about in math this week?

Useful links to see what we are doing this weel:

American Units of Measurement

How many inches are in a foot?

How many feet are in a yard?

How many yards are in a mile?

A look at the week ahead in math...

We will continue to take a deeper look at measurement; both Metric and American units.

Please encourage your child to be mindful of measurement in everyday life.

Does your child have a ruler? Would you be willing to bake (or use some type of meaurement at home) with your child? Have them measure the their rooms in feet, and then convert to inches and yards?

What are we learning about in Reading this week?

We are beginning our unit on perserverance?

What requires perserverance? When do we need it most?

Please talk to your child about perserverance and its importance.

A look at the week ahead in Reading...

We will begin reading the book, Wonder, and discuss the connection to our unit. Although this book will be read as a read-aloud, students will be asked to pay attention and respond in writing and/or small groups.


Elgin Symphony is this Thursday, April 10th! We will be back for lunch.

Best of luck to the Battle of the Books teams!