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First Quarter Counseling Newsletter


All students receive Guidance Lessons every 5-6 weeks that address developmental skill goals in one of four areas:

Interpersonal Skills ( appreciating differences, effective communication, respecting boundaries & privacy)

Intrapersonal Skills (Self-regulation, self-worth, goal-setting, decision making)

Post-Secondary Planning

Personal Health & Safety (Resiliency and positive coping, wellness practices)

During the Month of September all students received an introduction to the role of the school counselor at Middle School and an interpersonal skills lesson.


6th Grade- Lesson on recognizing and analyzing the difference between bullying behavior, rude & mean behavior, and student conflict, the Importance of David's Law and how to be a proactive bystander.

7th Grade- Lesson on the impact of cyberbullying and how to be a good digital citizen and practicing effective communication.

8th Grade- High school registration readiness. Understanding high school vocabulary, endorsements, strands, and 4 year planning.

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Safety Monitoring Application (Bark for Schools):

As an additional safety measure, the District is implementing a new student safety monitoring application called Bark for Schools. The implementation of this safety monitoring application at the middle and high school level will help provide the District yet another important tool to leverage in order to better protect our student’s online activity while utilizing their school Google account.

Bark for Schools, an extension of Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Chat, is a content monitoring tool that leverages powerful artificial intelligence technology to help detect potentially dangerous or inappropriate situations that students may be facing both in and out of school including cyberbullying, threats of violence, predatory advances, inappropriate language, sexual content, and suicidal ideation.

If potential digital concerns arise on school-issued accounts, Bark for Schools is able to send designated school representatives specialized alerts to ensure they can address the situation in a timely manner. These alerts are important because they also provide insight that could help us continue to promote the well-being and safety of the entire student body.

Finally, it is important to understand that both NISD and Bark have a strong commitment to protecting student privacy. The District will not utilize this tool to monitor communications other than what is flagged in the previously mentioned categories with the intention of student safety in mind. For more information on the Bark for Schools software solution, please feel free to visit their website

If a student is flagged under the Bark system for suicidal ideation or self-harm they will be called into the counseling office to address the safety of the student and parents will be notified.

Upcoming Events

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Student to Student (S2S)

Our student to student group is up and running and excited to be a part of welcoming new students to Luna.

S2S is a part of the Military Child Education Coalition and supports military families as well as all new students to our campus.

If your child would like to be a part of S2S please have them complete the S2S interest form and pick up a permission slip in the counseling office.

S2S Meets monthly on the 1st Thursday of each month in the Library. Students must have a ride home and/or walk home and be picked up by 4:50 pm.

2023-2024 Course Selection

Course Selection for the 2023-2024 School Year Starts in December!

Rising 6th Grade - Dec. 6th-9th

7/8th Grade- January

High School - January

Magnet School Presentations Start Monday Oct. 31st!

We will be happy to welcome Magnet High Schools on campus before school and during lunch to share information with our students throughout the months of November and December.

The Magnet School Application Website Opens : November 28th.

All applications must be submitted no later than January 16th.