Market Economy

By: Magdely, Alex, and Amy


  • We offer a great deal of freedom
  • People can spend their money on products they want the most
  • Private ownership's if of resources


  • It's high degree of individual freedom
  • Free to spend their money on how they choose to
  • Free to decide when and where they want to work


  • Does not provide for everyone
  • May not provide enough of basic goods & services
  • High degree of uncertainty

Market System is the BEST:

The Market System is a viable place to live. We not only let you live freely, but you're allowed to live the way you please. You will have a place to live, food, and a job as long as you provide for yourself. You control your own expenses meaning you can spend it on the products you like the most. We don't provide for you so you must have the capability to do so yourself.
The Circular Flow Model of a Market Economy

Description of video:

This video provides you information on how the Market Economy flows. For example, how to land, labor, and capital provide for your households.