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It's A Great Day to Be a Cardinal!

August 31- September 4, 2020

Dear Cardinal Families,

What a fantastic first week back we had! The students did such a great job throughout the week adjusting to the changes that have been put in place for the safety of the students and staff. So many expressed how happy they were to be back at school.

This week students will be taking the Pro-Core assessment to help the teachers identify their students' strengths and weaknesses in the core subject areas.

The FFA has started selling mums for $5. Please reach out to an FFA member to buy your mum. Also, if your final forms are not filled out yet please take a moment to do so.

Have a great week and please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Hiler

Daily Health Checks

Daily assessments prior to arrival at school: It is essential that students, caregivers, teachers, associated staff, volunteers, authorized visitors, etc. conduct daily health checks prior to arrival at school. Health checks should include taking temperatures and assessing for symptoms. Symptoms of COVID-19 may range from mild to severe, and can appear two to 14 days after exposure to the virus. Symptoms to assess for COVID-19 include:
 Fever of 100.0 o F or higher
 Cough
 Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
 Fatigue
 Muscle or body aches
 Headaches
 Loss of taste or smell
 Sore throat
 Congestion or runny nose
 Nausea or vomiting
 Diarrhea

If a student has any of these symptoms at school, they will be sent home.

Important Dates

August 31-September 4- Pro- Core Testing

September 7- No school Labor Day

FFA Mum Sale

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Parents & Guardians,

Hello! Your child will be using a learning management system (LMS) called Schoology this year. Please take a moment to have your child show you how to use the platform. They should be able to show you how they log in, access their classes, and any available learning content.

If your child cannot sign in at home or you have any further questions about how to access Schoology throughout the year, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher and they can assist you.


5th Grade Team


Fifth Grade

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Sixth Grade

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Seventh Grade

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Eighth Grade

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Note sent home with Fifth Grade students on Friday

The 5 Keys to Middle School Child Resilience and Success

1) Encourage a Growth Mindset-Having a growth mindset fosters resilience. Use the language of yet. I don’t understand this “yet.” Emphasize the importance of hard work as opposed to innate intelligence. “I did well because of my effort. I’ll do better next time.”

2) Encourage 1-2 Good Peer Relationships-Friends should be a source of support. Often our middle schoolers try to maintain large groups of close friends and that is challenging for anyone of any age! Encourage your child to have 1-2 solid and supportive peer friendships and keep it light and simple with the larger groups.

3) Ensure 9-11 Hours of Sleep Please! Sleep is the best way to foster resilience. Research shows that kiddos this age need 9-11 hours to be at their best. When your child is well-rested, everything is better. Technology is the #1 enemy of sleep! As a school community, we recommend that you keep technology out of your child’s bedroom at night to encourage healthy and consistent sleep.

4) Encourage Coping Strategies-Coping is personal. Everyone does it differently. Encourage your child to think about healthy ways to relax and give them permission to do it!

5) Facilitate Time/Connection with a non-familial adult-Good connections with non-familial adults are very important for your child. They hear things differently from non-familial adults. Encourage your child to participate in a club or activity. Children need our perspective. They are always changing and growing. As adults we can attach a growth mindset to their personality development and their peer interactions.




2020-2021 School Calendar

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Charge the Chromebooks!

Please make sure your child gets in the habit of charging their chrome books each evening. It is important that they come to school prepared and the chrome books are as important to class as bringing paper and pencils. They will need their computers to fully participate in instruction in most classes.

Clear Water Bottles

Students are permitted to have water bottles in the classrooms. Please make sure that the water bottles are clear.


If you do not wish to receive voice calls or texts from the Felicity-Franklin Local School District, please select the link below and complete the information requested. Thank you.

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School starts at 7:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm. Every hour of the school day counts, so please try and have your child to school on time. If your child is absent please call 513-362-5307 by 10:00 am.

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