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Happy Summer Everyone!

I hope you and your families are enjoying a restful, rejuvenating summer break so far! I have heard from many of you who have enjoyed trips to the beach, to Disney, to Yellowstone, and to the backyard pool! I have thoroughly enjoyed popping into the grade level planning sessions that have been going on here so far this summer. You all have been doing great work together and I am excited that we can "hit the ground running" in August upon your return. The custodial staff is working hard waxing, washing, shampooing, and touching up each of your rooms and hallways. I am excited to welcome each hallway back upon its completion, and will let you know soon the first groups that are ready to return. As you continue your planning this summer, I want to share with you a theme that we will return to in a few weeks. Belle Jones shared during awards day ceremonies that our first ever "random acts of kindness day" was a huge success. We had thousands of acts of kindness to one another in one day. What if it weren't just a day? What if we became bucket fillers every day, rather than bucket dippers, and being kind to one another and respecting one another, was just the way we do things here at Heritage? So, as we begin the year, we will see superheroes all around us. I learn: What's your superpower? Our theme will rally around the idea of being a H.E.R.O., which stands for Helping Everyone Respect Others. As you plan decorations for your hallways and doors for back to school, I hope that you will embrace the idea of being a hero. What other super powers will our students possess as they work throughout the year to fill each others buckets? What super powers do YOU possess to fill your colleagues' buckets? I can't wait to see what super hero powers each Pioneer possesses....we can use our powers for good over evil. We can make the world a better place!