Student Council News

February 2014 Volume 1. Issue 2

Thank You!

I cannot say it enough-thank you for sending in items for out Hug-A-Gram sales. All proceeds from the Hug-A-Grams will go towards our Team Reidville March of Dimes donation. Everyone loves showing their friends and family that they care with a little Valentine.

We will deliver all Hug-A-Grams on Valentine's Day.

-Upcoming Events-

  • 2nd Grade student council members will open the (rescheduled) PTO meeting with the Pledge, Moment of Silence, and Rocket Oath.

Spirit Day-Friday, February 21st

  • Hero Day
  • Student Council is working with the Olweus Bully Prevention Committee to sponsor this Spirit Day..they will hear more about this with classroom teachers
  • You can wear something you already have
  • You may create your own Hero/ underwear on the outside of pants, no capes
  • You can dress up as *any* hero ("Super" or every day)...just remember the school dress code

March of Dimes-"All Aboard for Babies"

  • March Service Learning Project-Baby Bottle Classroom Challenge (more to come next month)
  • March of Dimes funds research to prevent premature births and provides resources to families with premature babies.

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