From Tomatoes to Ketchup

By: Leonardo Barrera


Do you like ketchup on your hotdog? Well do you know that ketchup comes from tomatoes? There are many steps for ketchup. Read down below


My product comes from tomatoes. Tomatoes grow from seeds and the farmer plants them. And others seed grow into tomatoes that is used for ketchup. The trucks come and take the tomatoes to the factory.


The machine cleans and cuts the tomatoes they also remove the seeds and skin. They cook the tomatoes and turns into thick paste. Vinegar sweeteners salt and spices are added to the paste that gives ketchup its taste. They remove any seeds or skins that are left. Then they put ketchup in its bottle.


Then they put it in its package. And then they put them in the store.

Fun Facts

People say that tomatoes are vegatables but they are fruits. Tomatoes trucks hold up to 300.000 tomatoes.


Now next time you put your fries in ketchup you remember how hard ketchup was made. Thanks for reading and remember to like.
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