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Crazy Man Takes Lives of 200 Sailors

by: Patchy the Pirate

Last week the crew of the Deadliest Catch came across a horrific scene: 200 dead sailors and a lone survivor. The last sailor standing identified himself as, "The Mariner". The Police thoroughly invested the scene and interrogated the only eyewitness of the account, after finding a bottle of mercury on board in the Mariner's sack. The Mariner claimed to have this deadly poison in his sack to replace the thermometers on board. He said to have worked 14 years in his father's Thermometer Repair shop as an apprentice before becoming a sailor, but the investigators cannot confirm this claim. One of our reporters, interviewed the Mariner on his full-account of the story. "It was all smooth sailing until we came across another ship with two apparicious guests: one man and one woman, both looked like death. They were playing some sort of game with dice, and the woman one. After that the sky suddenly became dark and all the sailors became apprehensive. One by one, the men on the ship started dying. It was insane, they didn't even suffer, they just dropped dead. I was sure that I would face the same fate, but all 200 men died, cursing me with their eyes. Its almost like their looks were glares of jealousy, knowing that I would survive. I saw their souls fly away, and when I was the last man alive, I was alone and afraid. So many good men died out there and I was just left out there with all the slimy creatures of the ocean. As I waited for days and days, their bodies still did not rot, and their eyes stayed glued on me. You cannot imagine how thrilled I was when someone finally found me. However, my luck quickly changed when I was accused of killing these men," said the Mariner. The best Psychologist in the coral reef, Dr. Fish, met with the Mariner to search for a motive to kill these men. He diagnosed sailor with Schizophrenia because of the hallucinations of the "ghosts" that he saw. Now, the Mariner awaits his destiny at the trial that will be held on March 30.