Welcome Stairways Diner

Featuring the best foods in town!

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Brown Sugar Pecan Pancakes - $7.99

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Apricots - $12.99

Country Meatloaf with Garlic Mashed Potatoes - $10.99

Marinated Flank Steak - $15.99

Farmers Breakfast (3 Eggs, Onions, Peppers, Sausage, Hash Browns) - $9.99

Cheeseburger - $8.99

Caesar Salad - $6.99

Breakfast Wrap - $5.99

Taco - $1.49

Spaghetti - $10.99

Split Pee Soup - $1.99

Coffee - $1.99

Chocolate Milk - $1.49

Soda - $1.89

Lemonade - $1.79

Water - $0.25

"This here is my favorite restaurant in town! It has amazing food and the workers are very friendly. I walk in and Addie already has my order in, within no time my food arrives. I cannot get enough of this place!" -GT
"I have come to this diner every Wednesday and oh my lord has it been the best choice I have ever made. Their food is stunning with the most defined flavor. I order the grilled cheese every time I come in and I am never disappointed. I recommend you try this diner, you won't regret it." - Mr. Woldenbourg

Lets hear from our staff!

Hello everybody, my name is Yuri and I ,moved here from Russia. This diner is a great fit for me as the environment is very friendly and kind towards one another. We work to make high quality foods and I hope to be serving you in the near future!


Hey there, I'm G.T. the owner. I opened this diner 16 years ago in hopes to raise money to support my ill mother. But I soon gained to realize that I loved the food business! That's why I am still here today serving my famous homemade recipes and many more great foods.


Hi, I am Braverman. I've been working at this fine diner since I was 16. I started off as a waiter but moved to a cook and I love this business! I wouldn't trade my job for the world. Serving you to happiness is my goal and I enjoy achieving that.


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Come to the Real Fresh Dairy Mart where you can purchase all of your desired dairy needs made to perfection! You'll come in and walk out with a gallon of fun!

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Come to the Tick Tock Clock Shop to get all of your clock needs in a timely manner! You will be in and out with your desired quality clock in no time!

The Welcome Stairways

“From early times, the Quakers had welcome
stairways built in front of their homes in Massachusetts.
These double stairways descended to the street from
the front door and were symbols of Quaker faith and
hospitality-- constant reminders that all guests were to
be welcomed from whichever way they came.
“I can remember running up the welcome stairways
at my house as a boy. My mother always said that the
stairways symbolized how we must greet whatever
changes and difficulties life may bring with firm faith in God.
“Welcome, friend, from whichever way you've come.
May God richly bless your journey.”