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Monday Memo

Last week was SO much FUN!!! I tell people all the time about how exciting 3rd grade can be and last week was a pure example! We had the Fun Run, Solar Ovens, Ice Cream and we helped raise money for our school. It was FANTASTIC! :) As of Monday, our class raised over $33 per student laps at the Boosterthon. That's $1,01800!! That gave us Crazy Socks for Monday, Hat Day for Tuesday, Cool Shades for Wednesday, Popsicles for Thursday and Extra TDPE for Friday. Congratulations, I know the kids are excited! :) This week our reading focus has a STEM twist, as we will read about the importance of engineering, as we learn how to build a bridge. Ask your student all about it! Have a GREAT week! :)

Student Learning Objectives for this week:

Reading-this week we will compare and contrast information in the story Pop's Bridge. We will also analyze story structure and how a character's actions contribute to the sequence of events in a story. We will finish the week comparing our anchor text Pop's Bridge, with an informational text Bridges. Our spelling focus will be the long o vowels; oa and ow and our grammar connection will include; common nouns and proper nouns, as well as compound sentences.

Writing-students will continue our study of narrative writing pieces, focusing on a character traits and adding new ideas.

Math-students will continue to use mental math strategies to find sums and differences. For extra math practie, the student textbook can be found on Think Central. Students will use their Student Connection log in to access their Think Central account, from home. We use the pages from the student text in class, however the practice book pages would be great for extra practice. Math moves quickly, let me know if you have any questions.

Science-we will continue our first STEM Unit on energy, with a focus on Light Energy, this week. We will read the article, "Ingenious Plant-Powered Lamps Bring Light to Remote Village in Peru." Students will unpack vocabulary and unknown words and phrases. We will create a discussion on the different types of energy that are being used. We will connect our first 2 energy articles with this one. Last week we had fun with our culminating activity of Solar Ovens to finish up Heat Energy. There are pictures below.

STEM Fair Project-students worked on their topic and question last week. This week I will assign the Purpose. Parents, use your parent STEM fair packet, to follow along with your child's timeline. STEM Fair can be a lot of fun, however it can become stressful if the timeline isn't followed. As always, let me know if you have any questions. Have Fun!! :)

Congratulations, Christina! She is our September STEM student for problem solving! :)

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Dates to add to your Calendar:

  • September 27th- Fall Picture Day (students wear uniforms for this picture day, the spring picture day will allow for out of uniform dress.
  • October 10th-No School in observance of Columbus Day
  • October 13th-Tech It Out Night
  • October 25th-Field Trip to the Tampa Theater
  • October 28th-Book-O-Ween and Fall Classroom Centers (Parent Sign Up Genius will be coming home for this fun afternoon)