Big things just for YOU!!!

Jody's Team is going to do BIG things these next 60 days!

Hello Jody's team! That means YOU....Jessica, Kailey, Tracey, Monica & Kim!!!

HI ladies! I'm Claudia Li-Gordon, your Pearl Gems Team Associate Director and Jody's coach/mentor. I hope I get to meet some of you real soon!

I wanted to reach out to you and say how AMAZING I think you all are! So many NEW business owners and stylists starting! It's exciting, right?
I also wanted to let you that Jody has declared a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), she wants to hit a level with our company called "Star" Stylist! It's definitely a team effort and we want to reward JUST JODY's team!!!!

But this is also about YOU!! It's about making MORE MONEY $$$ to supplement your current income and if you book those Christmas Shopping events, you will earn $250,500,1000 EXTRA this holiday season!! PLUS TONS in FREE product credits* (see chart below) during this crazy busy time of Christmas that we are about to embark!

Why am I reaching out to you? Because I B.E.L.I.E.V.E in all of you and I want to help lead this fantastic team to achieve GREAT things!
I want to work with ALL of you to achieve the GOAL YOU HAVE SET for your business over these next 2 months!

You started for a REASON, right? For EXTRA Christmas $$$? Love the jewels & bags? Meet new people? Supplement income? Save for a trip?

Do you have November shows booked? If not, we think this is the time to make it happen because here's what's on the line:

In the month of November:
  • 1. Qualify with $500 sales by Nov. 15th - layer bracelet from current collection (value up to $30)
  • 2. Hit $1000 in sales by Nov. 20th - gift you with a 20 pack of NEW Spring/Summer Look Books in January + another layering bracelet from the current collection (value $50)
  • 3. Hit $2308 in sales by November 30th - You will receive "You Are My Sunshine" necklace. (value $74)
  • 4. Collectively hit as a STAR Stylist Team - EVERY "Qualified" stylist will receive the Tia Cross Body handbag (value $104)
  • We need minimum 4 "qualified" stylists (that's only $500 retail sales) and group volume as a team of $12,300 retail!
  • 4. As a STAR Team - we will all go out for drinks & appies night and CELEBRATE!!!! If you are out-of-town, we will send out a GC for you to celebrate in your city!!!

Which LEVEL do YOU want to hit?? Go for $500? $1000? $2308? retail sales......choice is YOURS!!!

This is ONLY for YOU, who is on Jody's Team!!!! We know you can capitalize on the busiest month of the year!!!
Stylists make 40% of their income in the last 3 months of the year! So we know you can get 2-3 shows lined up for November!!!

Would love to know if you are up for this challenge!

Email Jody by November 3rd, 2013 and put the title "I'm IN" . We hope you join us in this CRAZY BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL!!! You will be rewarded because we think you have what it takes and you are that strong, bold, entrepreneur who can make things happen!

ON TOP of this SWEET Incentive......Look at ALL the FREE Product Credit you'll earn as you do your October, November and December Sales!!!

I want to hear you ROAR!!!!! This IS POSSIBLE!!!!

Katy Perry - Roar (Official)

I B.E.L.I.E.V.E in YOU!! xo Claudia

If you are in need of coaching calls to make your goals happen, let's talk!
I would LOVE to talk to you about getting your business going!