Fault In Our Stars

Empathy & Sympathy


The book The Fault In our Stars shows sympathy in many ways.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I'm really sorry." (pg 176). Hazel says this to Augustus because his ex-girlfriend was making fun of he has only one leg .

When Isaac's girlfriend broke up with him Hazel & Augustus felt sorry for him. This shows sympathy because they're feeling for their friends because his girlfriend broke up with him because he was going blind.

Another example of sympathy is when Mr. Peter Van Houten was saying mean things to Hazel & Augustus. Peter Van Houten is a drunk, crabby old man who hates the world since his daughter died. The lady that works for Peter sticks up for them because she feels bad about what he is saying.


The book The Fault In Our Stars shows empathy in many ways.

When Augustus gets his cancer back Hazel shows empathy toward him because if she gets her cancer back she will be sad & scared as well.

Hazel shows empathy toward Augustus when he dies because she has cancer and she can die at anytime too.