Frank Garica

Who I am

My family

My family has always been here for me. I know i can always count on them with whatever I need. I can tell them whatever i need to and my family will always be by my side. I love them and would do anything for them.
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My mom and sister.

My mom has been here for me since the beginning. She has helped me so much and saved me from so much pain. I'm proud and lucky to call her my mother because I wouldn't be where i am today without her. And for my little sister I have to take care of her, and I wouldn't change that. I'm lucky that ill be able to see her mature and watch her grow. I love both of them and I'll do my best to support and protect these two important girls in my life.
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My little brother and sister.

Angel and Jasmine are my little brother and sister and they are a pain in the butt, and Im glad they're in my life. without them i would feel sort of lonely. they're annoying but hilarious at the same time. i love them both so much and i would do anything to help them grow and be happy.

My future career goals.

I really look forward to growing up and to be able to pursue one of these careers. Out of all three of these careers I really would like to be a psychologist. And if anything would happen then the for me the next best thing would be a teacher. If either of them doesn't then I would still like to help people by working in the medical field.

My hobbies.

I've always enjoyed doing all of these things. Out of all three i would say that reading is my favorite thing to do. I've always enjoyed reading even as a child. Playing piano is relatively new to me but i do enjoy the challenge of trying something new at my own pace. And video games are always something that I've enjoyed even as a kid, but just not as much.