Women's Wellness Weekend

at Wesley Acres Camp and Retreat Center

Join us for a weekend of health. De-stress and rejuvenate among friends. Spend time with some of the most respected wellness leaders in Barnes County. Learn about wellness topics. Participate, if you wish, in Tai Chi, Yoga, and healing meditations. Walk and meditate along a labyrinth path. Enjoy healthy food. Stay overnight at the beautiful and serene Wesley Acres Camp, or come in for the day on Saturday.

Women's Wellness Weekend

Friday, April 24th, 7pm to Saturday, April 25th, 3pm

1821 115th Avenue Southeast

Dazey, ND

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7:00 Greeting Circle, Healthy Snacks

8:00 Meditation

8:15 Poetry workshop

9:00 Reflections, Connections, and Exploration Stations

Exploration Stations: Message stones, writing, intention jars, gratitude wall, wellness questions and thought jar, labyrinth


7:30 Morning Devotions, Meditation, and Hydration

8:00 Tai Chi

8:30 Healthy Breakfast

9:30 Complimentary Healing Therapies (Gail Peterson, presenter). Therapies that compliment traditional medicine for healing, including therapies for stress management, pain management, sleep management. Aroma therapy, imagery, and healing touch will be emphasized. The benefits of prebiotics and probiotics will be discussed.

10:30 Amethyst Mat (JoNell Schaefer, presenter).

11:00 Individual time: Reflection, Connections, and Exploration Stations

12:00 Healthy Lunch

1:00 The Benefits of Massage and Essential Oils (Mira Mclain, presenter).

1:30 Yoga and Meditation (Jan Berg, Instructor).

2:00 Reflections, Connections and Healing Directions