Kindergarten News

February 3, 2016

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Classroom Valentine Exchange

Our Valentine card exchange is on Thursday, February 11th. Please send 21 valentine cards signed from your child. Please do not write a name on the "to" line.

This is a good opportunity to encourage neat handwriting. Remind you child to use a capital first letter and lowercase for the rest on their first name.

We will make a Valentines' card holder at school. We also voted to wear red or pink.

This is not a class party day. However, it is a fun way to celebrate friendship, kindness and caring.

America and our Community, Kindergarten Unit 5

This week we are learning all about our American Flag. We will use some "flag facts" to write our own books about our American Flag.

Reading - We will be reading non- fiction books learning facts about the Flag. As we read we will try to ask and answer questions for better understanding.

Try visiting the Brainpop Jr. website to learn more about our American Flag.
user: castlio
pw: fhsd

Vocabulary Words - country, united

Sight Words - or, come & went

Writing - We are using sight words and phonetic spelling to write information about the Flag of the United States of America.

Phonics - The /th/ sound will be continued. We are also reading and writing consonant vowel consonant (cvc) words.

Math - Keep using the hundreds chart in your child's FROG folder to help them practice counting and writing numbers to 100. Practice counting to 100 by fives and tens, too.

We are beginning Math Topic 9 More Addition and Subtraction.

Please login to your child's math account for more practice.

Choose: “sign in”
username: student’s first name and last name (lower case, no spaces) and the last 3 digits of their student id # (lunch number). Example: amygibson456
password: FHSD (all capitals) and their student id number (lunch number)
Example: FHSD123456


February 3rd - Mrs. Nix will visit with a counseling lesson.
February 4th - Papa John's Pizza Night this is a great fundraiser for Castlio...thank you!
February 11th - Classroom Valentine Exchange
February 12th - No School Teacher Professional Development Day
February 15th - No School Presidents' Day
February 24th - Six Flags Reading Logs are due
March 31st - Castlio Tech Fest