Weekly Line Up: Jan. 5-9, 2015

Mrs. Houff's 4th Grade Class

This Week's Reminders

January checkpoint is out now! Please check the information below :)

Please make sure that you continue to complete your work and do well on it. Remember, reports cards will coming out soon!


Dear Students and Learning Coaches

Are you ready for your 4th checkpoint?

Please click on the link to open the checkpoint. This checkpoint must be completed by Monday, JANUARY 16th by the end of the day. Please type directly onto the form provided and submit through k-mail. There is no need to print and scan.


As with the last few months, both your math and your ELA checkpoint are on one website. You will have an answer document that you need to put all of your answers on. The answer document will need to be saved and k-mailed back to me by January16th (Remember, you can type directly on the form. You do not need to print and scan it)

In the ELA portion, you will need to submit a piece of writing using the 10 step writing process. Please make sure that you use all 10 writing steps and it is written in paragraph form.

You need to try to work on these by yourself. Remember, learning coaches can’t help you with state testing in the spring, so this will give you practice on completing these problems by yourself. It will also help us know if you need extra support on these standards.

Remember, completion of these checkpoints count as 20% of your final grade. If you did not turn in your October or November checkpoint please submit those as soon as possible. You can access them on the same site.

Your Teacher,

Mrs. Houff

Class Connect Reminders

  • Please be sure to log in on time
  • Run audio set-up. Audio is very important, especially for ELA small groups where student-reading and student participation is required.
  • Appropriate behavior with chat box and emoticons :)
  • Positive attitude!

January Tutoring Schedule

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January Live Synch Calendar

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NVVA Student Support Website

Click here for the NVVA Student Support Website. Here you can view a calendar for upcoming events, past recordings of class connect sessions, and many more!

Mrs. Houff

Face to Face Tutoring
  • See above calendar

Contact Information

  • Email: Please send me a k-mail from your OLS
  • 702-407-1825 ext. 7215