Matter review

Zymone, and CJ

What is matter??

Matter is anything that takes up space Examples-tables, beds, books, chairs, shelfes,etc... In all those examples there is atoms in all of those more to find out!!!!!!!

Three states of matter!

The three states of matter are solids, liquids, and gases. Solids are when atoms are closely packed together. Liquids dont have a definite shape but has a definite volume. Gas is when air is in the air and molcules move faster.

What are Atoms????

Atoms are the smallest form of matter. Water is made of atoms and molecues h=hdrogen,o=orgen. The word atom means that which cant be cut. Atoms are very small you cant see atom only if it is under a speacil machine. The building blocks of matter are, atoms, molcules, and elements.

What are Elements and Molcules?

Elements are made of millions of one type of atom. To show elements we use a periodic table of the elements. Molcules are made of two or more elements HOH= water molcules which is h2o. They are different because, they are two different types of matter, because matter helps them in different ways.

Physical properties

Mass is the weight of the object or the weigh of somthing example= if you put water in a plastice cup the cup would get heavyer.Weight it the mass of the object example=like how heavy somthing is like,a metal trophe. Volume is is the amount of space and object takes up example =is chairs in a room. Density the amount of mass in a given space d=m-v, Bouncey how easyly and object scencks or flow example an golf ball in water.