Professional Learning Plan

Burris Elementary School

Initial Thoughts

I think that throughout the rest of the semester my partner and I need to work on ways to help the teachers in these ways:

· Find them a quality key boarding site other than dance mat typing

· Look into classroom management apps

· Learn how to make a podcast (QuickTime)

· Multiplication and division review apps for 4th grade

· Beneficial games for the students to work on

· Teach them about different presentation options for students

· Show how to use iBook versus paper books

· Find ways that work best for them to get in contact with parents (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs)


I was not really sure of what to expect when I first got assigned my learning partners at Burris. All I knew is that I hoped I could help them in at least some small way during our semester working together. The very first day we met I can remember being very intimidated because Kelly Sloan mentioned how she had previously worked in an all technology school for three years. Once we sat down and started talking about some of the things they were looking for I realized that each of them knew a lot about technology but also that each of them had things that they wanted to know more about or wanted to explore with me as their guide. After our first meeting I had the task of looking up and going through a variety of apps that would be helpful to their students in math concepts like multiplication and division. I also looked into some Key boarding sites that would be helpful to their students as well. Throughout the semester we worked together on things like finding a way to get ahold of parents using things like twitter, Facebook, and some different blogging and community websites. The teachers that I worked with did not end up particularly liking any of the options that I presented them but that wasn't the point. The point was for us to grow and learn to gather in ways that help integrate or benefit technology use. I also showed them how to use Quicktime in order for them to make a podcast for students. All through our time together I kept bring up the TPACK and SAMR models and would ask them where they thought different activities with the iPad fell under and on our last meeting day I ask for them to justify where they thought they would fall under the SAMR model with there integration of technology in the classroom. Overall it was a neat experience an I am glad to have worked with the people that I did.


Math Multiplication & Division apps

Creating Podcasts

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Sites that we looked at to get in contact with parents

Keyboarding Websites That I Found

This site has typing and educational games available.

This is a basic keyboarding website that will allow you to work on different basic skills.

This allows you to take short tests in order to measure your words per minute. What is also nice about this website is that it gives you a grade based on your efforts on the test. You have the ability to re-test and improve your grade. Also at the bottom of the page there is a metronome you can use to help you establish a rhythm while you type.

Seven different cool games to help you become better at typing.

Additional Web Resources That We Reviewed Throughout The Semester :

Zoo Burst

Digital Storytelling website with 3D videos


Students work together to create visual presentations with video, images, and audio


All users can create content, upload files, and discuss/edit pages and ideas


Allows multiple users to edit the presentation


Allows teachers create a website that others can add virtual sticky notes to informs of text, images, or video

Building Language for Literacy:

Interactive games for students where they can name words, identify letters, and identify rhyming words when reading aloud to them

Kideo Player:

Kid-friendly way to view videos, watch the video by pressing the space bar and skip through videos with one click

What I learned about the complexity of technology integration

and how you were able to assist your partner to become more capable to integrate the technology within their own instructional context.

Throughout the semester I found that integrating technology in the classroom can be a lot more difficult than I thought. For example The teachers that I worked with were very hesitant about having a class or parent twitter account or Facebook account. They did not feel that it was school appropriate. I can understand why they took into account how these types of social medias could make them look as a teacher because you hear about a lot of negative stories involving social media.

There was also an issue with time and battery life. The teachers often did not have enough time to install and look up all the apps that they wanted or needed for their students. I think that sometimes we forget how much time teacher invest and at the end of the day they do not want to sit and download the same app on 22 different iPads.

Battery life can be another problem when trying to integrate technology into the lesson. Students often show up to class with little to no battery life left on their iPads. This can definitely put a kink in your lesson plans for the day. Having back up lesson plans is also another consuming time factor that teachers now days have to consider.

Overall, the teachers that I worked with knew a lot about technology and were more than willing to put in the extra time if needed. These are very dedicated teachers who knew what would and wouldn't work for them and their students and weren't. After a semester of talking about integrating technology and providing them with as many resources as I could I feel that they are supplied with more knowledgeable about different aspects of technology integration.