Ever Wonder the Uses of Rubber?

Try the Process of Vulcanization!

What is Vulcanization?

Vulcanization is the chemical process of hardening and changing the physical properties of rubber to make it more durable, increase ability to withstand high temperatures and resistance to swelling.

With the now vulcanized rubber you can make many new things and increase the life-span of some of your pre-made inventions!

Make New Things!

Learn Exactly How This Process Works!

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Meet Charles Goodyear

The man who discovered how to vulcanize rubber. Originally from New Haven, Connecticut Charles is an Inventor, Manufacturer, and Merchant. You can now find him in Boston, Massachusetts.

Customer Reviews

Rubber has so many more uses now! My shoe business is going great thanks to you! - Thomas Sole

I can happily say my tire business is booming thanks to vulcanization. This new rubber makes my tires so much better than the rest! - Mathew Wheeler


In exchange for vulcanized rubber I would like some of your profits. The current pricing is set at a negotiable 20% of your profits from rubber goods.