News & Notes from Room 116

October 9, 2015

A Peek at our Week

Reading: Students started to meet with me in Guided Reading Groups. They will meet with me on a regular basis to work on specific reading skills and strategies. Our focus skill for October 12-16 is: Story Structure.

Writing: Students are writing personal narratives. They begin to revise their stories. They wrote beautiful, descriptive beginnings. The next focus is to write paragraphs and use transitions to bring their story to life.

Spelling: Students are expected to sort and spell words. Students will practice at home and complete spelling pages.

Math: Our math goal this week was on dividing 2,3,4 digit numbers by a 2 digit number. Students learned a chant to help them remember the 4 steps to Long Division.

Step 1: Divide Step 2: Multiply Step 3: Subtract Step 4: Bring Down.

Social Studies: Our study of Native Americans will wrap up with a paper written in class. Students will write about what daily life was like for Native Americans living in the Northwest, Plains, Eastern Woodlands or Southwest Desert regions. Monday is Columbus Day, which will launch the next unit on Explorers!!

Science/Health: Students finished writing paragraphs about a body system. They assembled books with a group that included text features: bold words, headings, table of contents.

Field Trip

Mirror Lake State Park

October 21

8:30-2:30 p.m.

Students will hike and identify landforms.

Students will observe seasonal changes.

Students will identify plant systems.

* Permission Slip and more information to come...