The Pursuit Of Happyness

by: Samantha Picicci

Chris Gardner's Life then and Now

Chris's life was really hard on him. His wife left him and his son who because the families financial structure is bad, he can't afford anything and he gets evicted from his apartment and is now homeless with his son. Through Chris's adversities he persevered to become a million dollar stock broker. His son was probably why Chris did all the things he needed to so his son had the best life he could ever have. I think that Chris is a great dad and more dads need to be like him.

A Regular Millionaire Compared to Chris

A regular millionaire doesn't care as much what happens in the world and doesn't have a care how much money they spend. Chris on the other hand pays more attention to what he does because he doesn't want to be in the same position he was in before he was rich. I think regular millionaires need to be more attentive on what they spend or do because they can end up in the same positions as Chris. Chris's hard work definitely paid off!


Chris's life before he was rich was really hard! After his wife left him because of money problems, Him and his son had to fed for themselves sleeping in subway janitor closets after they got evicted from his apartment. Chris is working hard to get a good paying job, he gets a 6 month internship to actually get a job but before that he was trying to sell these density scanning units and no one wanted them but when they did he used that money on his son for food and clothes. In the end Chris ended up being a millionaire stock broker.

What Happened in the End and why it did

When Chris got the internship he worked harder then anyone else there, He would be the first one there and the last one to leave, he would work until he couldn't move. The reason why he worked so hard is because only 20 were chosen to work full time. Therefore Chris got chosen to work at that place, now he has a home and his own business and can fully support his son. Now producers want to make movies about him and they did starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith.